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Products Best Fit For « P.G. Shocks offers a wide range of products tailored to helping students and communities alike.

Book Covers

Book covers prolong the life of textbooks and create school spirit. Not only will your school save on replacing damaged books, but also promote positive messages to the students.


Double pocketed folders are versatile. They provide students the ability to organize their work, and maximize their time.

Day Planners

Day planners, which are lightweight and functional, allow teachers and students to communicate on assignments, projects, and deadlines.

About Us

P.G. Shocks has been serving the educational and corporate communities since 1988. We bring together the needs of schools, families and the business community by providing them with products that are essential to the future of our great country. Our industry leading line of book covers, folders, day planners, laptop protectors, and e-reader protectors provide sources for businesses to aid in offsetting school costs and an avenue to help the student community. Give us a call or email us today and let us show you how easy it is to get involved.

Program Options

P.G. Shocks is dedicated to supplying schools with the materials they want and need to enhance the learning experience of their students. We have two possible options for schools to obtain our materials.

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