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Education is the key to success


The community as a whole will benefit greatly from our program. The schools, by having and using our products, bring a benefit to their entire school community. The money that is saved can then be channeled into other programs for the school that may not normally be possible. If the school can use money that is saved within their organization, it will not be necessary to raise tax dollars or ask local businesses to support new programs. Tax dollars will also be saved. Another plus for local business people will be that those who choose to support the program will have their advertising going into the home of every child in the school. Businesses will grow from the support they will receive from the local families supporting them. The financial savings to the community are great, but there are still other benefits for the community. A community where children are educated on the dangers of drugs and alcohol is a community that will have less drug and alcohol use. Studies prove that drugs and alcohol are a major factor in leading to fighting, stealing and accidents. If you eliminate the drug and alcohol use you will eliminate a major source of violence in your community.